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Bitrus Lawrence has been appointed as the Area Council Service Secretariat in the FCT



Bitrus Lawrence has been appointed as the Area Council Service Secretariat in the FCT.

Poverty is mostly indegenous, we would tackle it from the root- Garki

…express readiness to collaborate with other Mandate Secretaries

The newly inaugurated Mandate Secretary Area Council Services of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Mr Bitrus Lawrence Garki has said that President Bola Tinubu led administration would tackle poverty from the root.

Mr Bitrus Lawrence Garki, stated this when he was reveived by the management staff of the Secretariat in his office after immediately after his inauguration by the Minister of FCT, His Excellency Nyesom Ezenwo Wike in Abuja on Tuesday.

Mr Lawrence Bitrus Garki who is the youngest Mandate Secretary ever appointed, noted that it is an opportunity to be appointed, adding that the office is for the entire Nigerian Youth.

According to the Mandate Secretary, the energy of the youth and wisdom of the elders are all that is needed to succeed as a Mandate Secretary, and sue for collective collaboration between every department of the Secretariat in order to achieve success collectively.

“This position aligns with my principle and concept of operation. I am a youth that listen to the advice of both young and old.

” As an indigenous person, poverty is most indigenous, and we have to deal with that. We have to bring excellence into the civil service.

“We need the energy of the youth and wisdom of elders to succeed. We must work collectively to achieve success in this office,” he said.

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, His Excellency Nyesom Wike, for his appointment as Mandate Secretary Area Council Services of the Federal Capital Territory Administration for the great task ahead, Garki assured Mr President, Bola, F.C.T Minister, and other Nigerians of his resolve to liaise and work collaboratively with other Secretariat, promising not to disappoint.

He explained that his appointment as a Mandate Secretary represents not only a fresh start but also a remarkable opportunity for progress as it signifies a commitment to harnessing the energy, creativity, and potential of youth.

“In this appointment, we see the recognition of the important role that young people play in shaping the destiny of our beloved country.”

“My appointment is a testament that President Bola Tinubu acknowledges the contributions of the youth, their aspirations, and their determination to build a better Nigeria.

“It is a recognition of the fact that when the youth are empowered and given the opportunity, they can be a force for positive change.

“This appointment is indeed a win for the youth, and it is a testament to the wisdom of our father President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in recognizing the need for intergenerational cooperation and youth inclusion in governance,” said Abuja.

Responding on behalf of the management staff, Director of Administration and Finance, Mrs Olanipekun, pledge the readiness of the staff of the Council to make the newly inaugurated Secretary a successful one and sought the support of other staff to make it work.

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Bootstrapping Your Business From the Ground Up



Bootstrapping Your Business From the Ground Up

Author: Emmanuel Otori

The term “Bootstrapping” is derived from the phrase “to hoist oneself up”. It is a method of starting one’s own business utilizing one’s own resources.

A bootstrapped startup is a business that began and grew without the help of outside investors. Bootstrapping a  HYPERLINK “” business does not imply that the company will not seek outside funding. In fact, a bootstrapped firm could be self-funded or wholly funded by its founders and founding team. These businesses do not solely rely on outside  HYPERLINK “” investors such as venture capitalists to support them. Bootstrapped businesses are usually slower than funded  HYPERLINK “” businesses because they often start and scale without the intervention of investors.

Process of Bootstrapping

Customers/audience – are usually the hope of bootstrapping businesses as they seek to provide services and sales to the  HYPERLINK “” customers Businesses offer quality and services of value to establish a customer base.

Organic growth – customers are used as a way to grow the business as hinted earlier. Its growth does not have to be fast as It is more focused on bringing customers into contact with the business rather than acquiring  HYPERLINK “” capital from venture capitalists.

Cash flow – the cash spent and received in the period of operation makes its cash flow. Future investors can look at the books of its cash flow to have a glimpse into the business history.

Reinvesting in the business – revenue generated in the course of running the business is ploughed back to generate more for  HYPERLINK “” growth and expansion purposes.

Viable business model – at this point, the business takes a structure that is realistic, feasible and solid worthy of investing in.

Improved customer base – loyalty is earned when the customers can rely on the  HYPERLINK “” business, hence, growth kicks off.

Sustainable ways of Bootstrapping

Debt and owner financing – putting your own money into the  HYPERLINK “” company.

Sweat equity – putting a significant amount of effort yourself rather than employing people to run the operations. It is not sustainable in the long run, but a good approach to raising your business from the ground up to make some headway.

Cost management – Bringing your  HYPERLINK “” operating expenses to a bare minimum.

Income-based financing – earning early revenue through the sale of services and products, the cashflow can be used to fund the business continually.

Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping


Flexibility – this cannot be over emphasized as founders have the liberty to carry out business  HYPERLINK “” operations in ways and manners that suit the process of growing it. This means being able to adjust swiftly to new situations as they emerge. Business owners can adjust their strategies to negotiate or overcome unexpected challenges.

Growth mechanism – Bootstrapped  HYPERLINK “” businesses take the risk of growing from scratch without money being pumped into it. Such businesses solidify if it thrives through the hurdles of raising from the ground up.

Business perception – Customers, revenue and profit are the main focus to keep the business going rather than scalability. In as much as Bootstrapped businesses want to scale, usually the founders concentrate on unit economics, considering the company’s revenue and profitability. Profits are what will allow the  HYPERLINK “” company to grow and scale, especially because it is a self-funded venture. A bootstrapped business will be more successful and long-lasting in the long run unlike funded startups as they are more concerned with rapidly accelerating their businesses and expanding at 5 to 10x pace than with profit or a long-term business strategy.


Business control – Bootstrapped founders have 100% control of the startup vision and operations unlike funded businesses that lessens its ownership by external support.In a shared ownership business, founders are likely to lose their own companies due to investor funding, even at an early stage. Bootstrapped  HYPERLINK “” businesses have the power to make full decisions in regards to the business.


Slow scaling – Due to insufficient funds, bootstrapped businesses must rely on revenue and profits to scale their operations. This affects the growth level unlike funded businesses with full access to capital and only have to keep the business running more on a faster pace. Bootstrapped businesses must contend with slow growth in their early years until they accumulate enough customers, revenue and profits for fast growth.

Limited network connections – Bootstrapped businesses are oftentimes faced with the challenge of limited to no network connections unlike funded  HYPERLINK “” businesses who get introduced to other venture capital companies. These companies connect their investee companies to other venture capital companies for collaboration which fosters a more rapid growth.

Risk taking – Bootstrapped businesses bear all the risks there is to raising a business from the ground up. The operational risks rest on the founding team who takes  HYPERLINK “” responsibility for whatever goes on in the growth process. They bear the financial risks also as there are no investors yet.

One can consider running a rapid growing or slow scaling business. Rapid growing businesses often use funding from venture capital. Here external investors can provide capital, security, scaling speed, and advice/network, but they can also exert influence over you based on their preferences. Whereas, slow scaling businesses using bootstrap have complete control over the rate at which the company expands.

However, even if you want to raise venture capital, bootstrapping is a great way to get your business started.

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Improving Service Experience to Increase Customer Satisfaction



Improving Service Experience to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Author: Emmanuel Otori

 HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Customer satisfaction should be a business aim as it is vital to success for all brands. Customer satisfaction can be improved through user experience, which can have a favorable impact on your company’s return on investment (ROI).

A happy customer is a satisfied customer.  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Customers that are dissatisfied with your service are less likely to return. From research, after a series of poor experiences, 59 percent of customers will abandon the  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” company, 18% tend to leave after one poor experience.

It is worthy to note that 98% of customers who have changed brands are due to user experience encountered in the past. Customer experience should be one of the things to look out for as it contributes greatly to keeping a business running.

You can improve your customers’ experience, boost customer satisfaction, and increase retention rates by using consumer data obtained through  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” market research and customer surveys.


What is user experience?

A user’s interaction and experience with a product, system, or service is referred to as the user experience. User Experience encompasses a person’s views on usefulness, usability, and efficiency of a product, system or  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” service. Therefore, User experience is the experience, observation and feel users get through practical contact with a solution. This solution takes different forms which can be a product, service, project, company and other organizations.

First, for there to be a  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” user experience surface for interaction, there has to be a representation or a plan to give a glimpse into what should be expected to give maximum satisfaction to the end user. This plan is known as the design for user experience. Providing solutions based on personal ideas of what the needs of consumers are without viewing them from the perspective of the consumers often lead to giving solutions that are not right.  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Customers not served well are most likely not to return.

Seeing that user experience is essential in giving value to users, offering a top notch and excellent service is important because it has a ripple effect on the  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” customer base and return on investment. Let us consider some useful tips in improving customer experience.

How to improve user experience 

    Feedback Mechanism: Be aware of what your customer’s desire. Therefore, listening to your  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” customers will help you better grasp their wants and know how to meet their needs. Surveys and  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” questionnaires are coordinated and a convenient way of gathering feedback reports.

    Action Step: Knowing customer’s needs to give insight on what is relevant is made easier through feedback. The action step requires you turn feedback gathered from  HYPERLINK “” customers into practice.

    Product and Service Touch: As much as you take action in responsiveness of feedback obtained, there should be a flexibility to improve the product and services you offer. It portrays the image you have of the needs of customers at heart.

    Feedback Evaluation: Make comparisons of the feedback before and after action has been taken. Respond to customer feedback as this gives the feel you have  HYPERLINK “” customers at heart.

    Ongoing Basis: Customer satisfaction should be assessed on a regular basis to keep up with demands in case there are changing desires as there are factors which can cause demands to change.

    Responsive Support: Oftentimes, customers need guidance to get the best of what they want through what you offer. A support that is responsive and quick to action is an excellent way to improve user experience. This could be live chat support, email support, on-the-phone support, In-person support and social media support. Customers will give you positive feedback if you pay more attention to their experience, and you’ll get a larger return on  HYPERLINK “” investment.

Not limited to the above are other approaches to improving user experience which will take effect on the satisfaction of  HYPERLINK “” customers. Depending on the kind of service offered and platforms showcased, the steps to improving user experience are not a “one size fits all” approach as some other will require creating personas, sketching wireframes, building prototypes, testing the model to have a feel of what the design could actually turn out to be.

Excellent user experience is beneficial as it minimizes complaints and negative reviews. Irrelevant cost and waste of resources is brought to bare minimum as services become more efficient. How about your customers? Excellent and improved services that meet their needs give them ultimate satisfaction and make them loyal. Lastly, there’s a high revenue generated from their loyalty.

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Why Life Seems Blurry For Our Future Generation



Why Life Seems Blurry For Our Future Generation

It is no longer news that criminality is gradually bedevilling the most populous black nation cut across the mangrove swamps of the Niger Delta of Southern Nigeria to the dust-filled Sahara of once upon a time prosperous Northern Nigeria. The story is always bizarre with cases of kidnapping, insurgency, banditry, cultism, armed robbery, militancy, internet fraud (a.k.a yahoo yahoo) making the lead stories in our offline and online media outlets. Even citizen journalists are not left out in this conversation.

With an estimated population of over 200 million, although population census is practically becoming impossible to enable us have a grasp of the precise demographic data in the nation, reports suggested that the youths constitute a large percentage of our population. Whether the youths are productive or lazy, this will be a discussion for another day.

Recently, four teenagers were arrested for murdering and beheading Sofiat Kehinde for alleged money rituals. Their inspiration to get involved in this heinous crime was from the guidelines they read on Facebook.


The suspects were nabbed in Oke Aregba community, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, while burning the head of the victim, said to be in a relationship with one of them.

The police paraded the suspects at the State Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta.
Sofiat’s boyfriend, Soliu Majekodunmi stated that when the victim visited him on Friday, he strangulated her and beheaded her immediately with support from other accomplices.
Majekodunmi explained they had contributed money and purchased other ingredients needed for the rituals while waiting for the day they would pounce on the lady, who was introduced to him, just in December, last year.


While the gruesome murder of Hanifa Abubakar is still fresh on our memory by her supposed teacher, I stumbled on a live Facebook stream by popular online Media Katsina Post. It was a show of shame by our future generation. The Katsina State Police Command paraded some suspects in their early 20’s that conspired with bandits to kidnap a close friend.

Another Youth in the same age bracket was arrested for involvement in the talk of the day (banditry). A close crony of the famous Bello Turji, he narrated how he is rewarded with an average of N30,000 for accomplishing such a complex act of criminality. How on earth will a right-thinking person execute such a barbaric task for a reward of N30,000?

Another scary event is the arrest of some youths also in their 20’s for trading and transporting psychopathic drugs to bandits used for stimulating them to execute their atrocious crimes that a right-thinking person, in his right senses, will never engage himself with.


It is not yet over, as the Police PRO Katsina Command paraded another twenty-one-year-old ATM hardened fraud master with no remorse in his expression. The ‘little boy’ was paraded for the second time. As for how he secured his freedom from detention at the Nigeria Correctional Centre is also a discussion for another day. The suspect, while deploying his criminal antics, whisked away from the whole benefits of a teacher that spent 35 solid years serving the people. Maybe he intends to affirm a popular saying that “the reward for teachers is in heaven”. The boy squandered over N1.7 million with unnecessary purchases, a flamboyant lifestyle in nightclubs and many other gatherings accentuated with immorality.

The most annoying part of these stories is that two out of the suspects have been paraded previously, arraigned in a competent court of law and either remanded or convicted in our correctional homes. One of them emphatically stressed that he regained his freedom in a manner you will have every reason to doubt the credibility of our systems.

The takeaway about these calamities that have befallen us is, all these crimes are committed by young Nigerians, supposedly, the future generation. Most of them are either in their teenage years or early 20’s.

This call is for a sober reflection and deep thought on how we arrived at this appalling situation. In other words, identifying the cause of this quagmire with a view of navigating out of this troubled water of uncertainty.

It is fundamental to state that this generation is exposed to a lot of information occasioned by digital transformation. With digital transformation and the deterioration of family value, it is obvious that three institutions must rework their model and address this looming challenge consuming our future generation like wildfire.

Let’s use this analogy. The working of a tripod shows how it can only operate with three stands. The absence of one out of the three stands, however, will lead to disequilibrium.

The three stands of a tripod can be hooked up with Family, Government and Institution of learning. If we get these three pillars right, the tendency to surmount this scary situation is high.

The triggers for these unimaginable crimes by our teeming youth are usually precipitated by a faulty foundation in our family system, absence of basic education to shape the upbringing of a child and failure of institutions to effectively implement punitive measures that will serve as a deterrent to others.

The sooner we collectively address the issues by playing our specific roles across all spheres, the better for us. This wildfire, if unabated, will consume everyone directly or indirectly. With that, we will end up having a future generation without a future.

Abdullahi Aliyu Maiwada

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Why Life Seems Blurry For Our Future Generation


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