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new COVID-19 Variants

Envisioning the aftermaths of Covid-19 is key in ensuring the changes are for the better.

Covid-19 pandemic has made over one-quarter of the world’s population confined to their homes at the moment and these measures are disrupting economies, resulting in job losses.

There is global recession especially because most nations and economies have slid into recession because of the huge negative impacts of the pandemic. Borders have been shut down, schools cancelled, and businesses have been put on a halt which makes a lot of things unpredictable.

I envisage that there would be:


There are bound to be calls for action because our healthcare system has never been hit with a health emergency of this magnitude in over a century. The aftermaths of Covid-19 will make people see a reason to demand for proper universal healthcare.


The pandemic is displaying how dependent we all are on the supply chain globally. The economic cost is enormous when global trade slows down. When the pandemic is over, global trade will resume and become stronger and any other disruption would be temporary.

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Technology is helping us survive through the Covid-19 pandemic. We now have access to the world from the comfort of our homes.

However, one of the aftermaths of covid-19 would be that technology will be universal as it is already if not more. Tech firms will become more powerful.


People will now be more aware of how important hygiene is. We are going to remember to cover our mouths when we cough, sanitize our hands after touching anything because we know what can happen if we don’t.

In conclusion,this experience will help us change a lot of things for the better.

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Customs Corner

EASTER: COWA President Kikelomo Urges Nigerians To Spread Love



Reiterates COWA’s Plans For Robust Women Empowerment

Author: Muhammad Bashir.

National President of the Customs Officers’ Wives Association (COWA) and wife of the Comptroller-General of Customs, Kikelomo Adeniyi, on Friday, 29 March, 2024, extended heartfelt Easter greetings to Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the First Lady of the Republic of Nigeria, and to all citizens of the nation.

This was contained in a statement issued to newsmen in Abuja to commemorate Good Friday; a day marked by solemn reflection, and the forthcoming Easter celebrations, Mrs. Adeniyi urged Nigerians to ponder the profound message of love, sacrifice, and redemption while also emphasizing the importance of compassion, kindness, and unity during this spiritual season.

“In this season of spiritual significance, let us pause to contemplate the profound messages of love, sacrifice, and redemption. It is a time when hearts are stirred with compassion, minds are opened to kindness, and spirits are lifted with the promise of renewal. It is also a time for fervent prayer, as we beseech the Almighty for healing and unity to permeate every corner of our great land,” the statement reads.

Acknowledging the challenges of insecurity in some parts of the country and the prevailing economic hardships, Mrs. Adeniyi commended the level of President Tinubu’s commitment to bringing lasting solutions, recognizing the complexity of the issues and the efforts being made to address them.

“Despite the formidable obstacles, our government works tirelessly, day and night, to forge pathways toward lasting solutions. As patriotic citizens, we stand in solidarity with these efforts, steadfast in our belief that through collective resolve and divine intervention, Nigeria will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before,” the statement added

Mrs. Adeniyi reiterated COWA’s dedication to key into the visionary initiatives of women empowerment championed by Senator awayRemi Tinubu, to provide support and assistance to the women, especially widows of Nigeria Customs Service officers who lost their lives while discharging their lawful duties.

She emphasized the importance of uplifting and empowering women across Nigeria, announcing COWA’s plans for transformative projects and empowerment initiatives in 2024, adding that, “widows deserve our utmost respect and care, and it is our solemn duty to ensure that they receive the support they need to navigate life’s challenges with dignity and grace.”

The COWA National President, however, elaborated on these initiatives, outlining programs focused on skills training, entrepreneurship development, and access to education and healthcare for women in communities across Nigeria.

She emphasized the role of women as key agents of change and called for greater investment in their empowerment to drive sustainable development and societal progress.

Looking ahead, Adeniyi expressed optimism about the future and the potential for positive change in Nigeria while also advocating for unity and collaboration among citizens to overcome challenges and build a better nation for all.

She concluded her statement by extending warm wishes for a time of profound reflection, boundless joy, and abundant blessings for all Nigerians during the Easter season.

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Customs Corner

COWA President Extends Palliatives Distribution to More Members in Abuja



As Other Branches Follow Suit to Distribute Food Items to Women Nationwide

Author: Abra Iruoghene, Muhammad Bashir.

In a concerted effort to alleviate the prevailing economic hardships faced by families across the nation, Kikelomo Adeniyi, the National President of the Officers’ Wives Association (COWA) and wife of the Comptroller-General of Customs spearheaded the extension of palliative distribution to COWA members on Wednesday, 13 March 2024.

Embarking on a tour that included visits to the Federal Capital Territory Command and Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College Gwagwalada, Mrs. Adeniyi delivered a resounding message of solidarity and support to the officers’ wives in attendance.

Recognizing their immense challenges, she underscored the importance of standing united during trying times and reaffirmed COWA’s commitment to providing assistance and empowerment.

Expressing her gratitude to the attendees for their unwavering commitment, the COWA president acknowledged the sacrifices made by officers’ wives and their invaluable contributions to the Customs community.

She emphasized the significance of empowering women, aligning COWA’s initiatives with the broader national agenda of women’s empowerment championed by the First Lady, Remi Bola Tinubu.

Encouraging swift registration as members of COWA, President Kikelomo elucidated the myriad benefits awaiting registered members, ranging from access to support services to participation in empowerment programs.

She, however, articulated COWA’s vision of institutionalizing the association and maintaining a comprehensive database of registered members to ensure effective service delivery and support, saying, “COWA belongs to every one of us; it is not only for the executives.”

Highlighting the pivotal role of COWA in uplifting women across the nation, Adeniyi reiterated the association’s commitment to empowering widows, orphans, and officers’ wives alike to be self-reliant.

She emphasized the symbiotic relationship between personal empowerment and the ability to uplift others, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of support and solidarity within the association.

Addressing officers directly, the National President urged them to embrace their wives’ participation in COWA activities, recognizing the positive impact on family dynamics and societal progress.

She reassured officers of the benefits stemming from their wives’ involvement, highlighting the transformative power of mutual respect and support within marital relationships.

Expressing heartfelt appreciation to her husband and the Comptroller-General of Customs for his steadfast support, Adeniyi cited tangible examples of commitment, including the re-establishment of the COWA National Secretariat.

She underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in driving meaningful change within the Customs community, emphasizing the indispensable role of collective support and partnership.

During her visit to the Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College Gwagwalada, Mrs. Adeniyi commended the Commandant of the Collage, Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs (ACG) Kingley Egwuh for his unwavering support of COWA activities and his dedication to the institution’s growth and development.

ACG Kingsley Egwuh echoed the president’s sentiments, praising her leadership and commitment to her members.

ACG Egwuh reaffirmed the Command’s commitment to providing unwavering support to COWA, recognizing the pivotal role of the association in fostering unity and support within the Customs community.

He pledged continued collaboration and assistance, acknowledging the indispensable nature of COWA’s initiatives in driving positive change and empowerment, stating that “as the distribution of palliatives and empowerment initiatives continues to unfold, Mrs. Kikelomo Adeniyi’s visionary leadership stands as a course to give hope and resilience to officers’ wives nationwide.

“Through her unwavering commitment to their welfare and empowerment, she embodies the spirit of solidarity and service at the heart of COWA’s mission, ensuring that officers’ wives are not just recipients of assistance but active participants in their upliftment and empowerment.”

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Customs Corner

COWA Celebrates 2024 International Women’s Day, Fosters Growth in Productivity



Author: Iruoghene Abra.

The National President of the Customs Officers’ Wives Association (COWA) and wife of the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Mrs. Kikelomo Adeniyi, has continually encouraged the productiveness of its members to attain their full potential.

Marking the 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) on Friday, March 8, 2024, at the COWA Secretariat, the National President of COWA emphasized the importance of the IWD theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion.’ She urged women to celebrate diversity.

Mrs. Kikelomo Adeniyi stressed that women must overcome obstacles and stereotypes to achieve gender equality. She said they must also foster an environment that supports women’s growth and respects and values their contributions.

While speaking, the National President noted that COWA will keep pursuing the economic inclusion and empowerment of her members. Reminiscing COWA’s relaunch on February 15, 2024, the President announced a plan to train and empower 1,200 women to enable them to contribute meaningfully to their family’s economy and society.

According to the National President of COWA, “I am happy to note that in the Nigeria Customs Service, obstacles facing female officers have been eliminated daily. Women are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to national development”.

She further said, “It is particularly gratifying to note that today, we have quite a number of senior female officers in the management team. Some serving as Customs Area Controllers, Zonal Coordinators, and other strategic Units of the service.
I believe that someday, in the not-too-distant future, we will all be alive to see the emergence of a female comptroller General of Customs. I strongly believe that investing in women is good for families, communities, and the national economy. It is a powerful means to inclusion”.

Mrs Adeniyi revealed the COWA Skills Acquisition Center in Karu is currently under construction, where members will receive constant training and retraining. She urged members to be at the forefront of making the desired change.

The CEO of Madame Merola Global Enterprises, Madame Merola, implored the women to know their purpose as it is crucial to modern society. She said if women must be included in the places of authority, they must come out and show their abilities.

She highlighted the vitalities of the four Ps to include Purpose, Persona, Perception and People. She encouraged women to grow, evolve and be a better version of themselves. She advised them to communicate with others, stating that there are attributes they possess that others need and until they speak to others, they might not be recognized.

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