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Neglect of the agricultural sector


Agriculture is one of the important sectors in the Nigerian economy, which has been the source of income and survival for many Nigerians. The agricultural sector is the way forward for Nigeria farmers. However, the neglect of the agricultural sector is evident.

The agricultural sector of the Nation has suffered neglect due to the country’s high dependence on revenue from the exportation of oil. Tax rates of goods and materials which can be locally produced in the country is now high.

In order for the agricultural sector to improve, the government needs to fund the sector, especially schools of agriculture across the nation. This will enable them carry on research on all areas of agriculture that will help boost the sector both nationally and internationally.

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Problems facing the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria.

The lack of mechanization and modernized tools for agricultural processes. These tools consist of tractors, ploughs etc. that help reduce manual labour. This shows the neglect of the agricultural sector

The lack of information is also one of the problems the agricultural sector in Nigeria is facing. For example, if a farmer is not informed about the type of seeds he should plant so as to yield a good result, and also the best time for planting varieties of seeds.

Solutions to these problems so as to poster economic growth:

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The government should provide mechanization tools such as tractors, ploughs and irrigation tools so as to ease manual labour. They should also provide basic amenities such as good roads and water should be provided to farming areas. Farmers should be open to learn new techniques to improve their crop yield. Neglect of the agricultural sector has brought more harm than good.

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Customs Officers Thwart Illegal Elephant Tusks Export



Three Arrested in Joint Wildlife Protection Operation

Author: Lucy Nyambi.

Officers of the Nigeria Customs Service, Special Wildlife Office and the Customs Police Unit, in an intelligence-led, joint enforcement operation with the Wildlife Justice Commission, have arrested 3 suspects for facilitating the illegal export of Wildlife to Asia.

The 3 illegal Wildlife Traders were arrested during the sale of 5 pieces of Elephant Tusk on the 25th of January 2024, the 4th and 6th of February 2024.

The items weighing 25.35kg are worth about 16,000 USD in the Country of destination, which is equivalent to N23,520,000.00.

According to the Officer in charge of the Nigeria Customs Services’ Special Wildlife Office, Assistant Comptroller Abimbola Isafiade, “trafficking of Wildlife is a criminal offence punishable under law, and so Nigeria Customs Service will continue to support the global effort to fight Wildlife crime.”

“This act contravenes the Endangered Species Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Nigeria Customs Service Act.” She emphasized.

AC Abimbola restated the Nigeria Customs Services’ commitment to leaving no stone unturned to end Illegal wildlife trade.

She assured that the Service is determined to dismantle the Wildlife criminal networks operating within the country.

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Agriculture & Nigerian Economy

Nigeria’s Strategic Objective to Capture 10% Of Africa’s Import by 2035 – Achimugu



Nigeria’s Strategic Objective is to Capture 10% Of Africa’s Import by 2035 – Achimugu

The Nigerian National Action Committee on the African Continental Free Trade Area, AfCFTA, has revealed that its strategic objective is to capture 10 per cent of Africa’s imports by 2035, thereby doubling Nigeria’s export in the process.

This was disclosed by the coordinator oil and gas work stream, secretariat of the National Action Committee on the AfCFTA, Franca Achimugu, at the implementation plan adoption meeting with the oil and gas work stream which was held at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation headquarters, in Abuja, on Thursday.


While introducing the agreement and what the oil and gas sector stands to benefit from its full implementation, she said, “AfCFTA means Nigeria is no longer Africa’s largest economy, we need to sit up and get our house in order.”
She added that Nigeria is aligning itself for agreements, which comes with the elimination of tariffs.

She also mentioned that Nigeria’s mission is to become the preferred provider of value-added services to Africa.

Recall that it was reported earlier this month that the AfCFTA secretariat and the African Export-Import Bank signed an agreement on the management of the base fund of the AfCFTA adjustment fund.

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Agriculture & Nigerian Economy

Fire Service Warns Against Domestic Storage of Petrol Amid Scarcity



Fire Service Warns Against Domestic Storage of Petrol Amid Scarcity

The AG. Controller general, federal fire service (ffs), Karebo Pere samson has cautioned Nigerians against storage of premium motor spirits (PMS) popularly known as petrol in their homes during this period of scarcity.


Karebo said petrol is a highly inflammable liquid which if not handled carefully can cause serious fire explosion.


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This was disclosed in a statement released by Abraham Paul the public relations officer of the services


Karebo explained that invariably there is always a risk of a fire outbreak or an explosion if there is a source of ignition nearby such as a naked flame or an electrical spark.


The ag controller general stressed that Nigerians should avoid any act which could lead to fire outbreak in their environment.

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