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Post COVID-19: ‘A Need For Social & Health Security Law’ – HEDA




*How to handle the post-COVID-19 crisis has been revealed by the President.

*Social security and health insurance law for all Nigerians has been advocated by the HEDA Resource center.

*Foreign medical treatment abroad should be ban by the President-HEDA group

*Social security and health insurance law for all Nigerians has been advocated by the Human Environmental Development Agency (HEDA Resource Center) as COVID-19 moves globally.

According to a letter sent to President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, April 15, the HEDA group pleaded to Nigerian leaders to comply to the federal ministry of health social security and health insurance law.

HEDA group also added that the law should be obeyed by every Nigerians irrespective of the status and class.


Every Public office holders should be ban from traveling abroad for any health-related matters with a moratorium of one year to be able to make the country lay the foundation for a new beginning in our health sector in the country and all that has files abroad can bring their files for their foreign hospitals. HEDA advised the President to take such action.

HEDA also warned that after they are able to deal with COVID-19 from the spread, Nigerians will have to face serious economic challenges that will affect every citizen in the country most especially when there is no social security and health insurance to teeming population.

“The law will save millions of vulnerable Nigerians who are on the lowest point of the ladder and will help tame the rising wave of social discontentment, the letter signed by HEDA’s chairman,” Olanrewaju Suraju stated.

The foremost anti-corruption group also urged the Senate and the House of Representatives to prepare themselves for a speedy passage of the bill which will protect Nigerians from an imminent economic downturn.


HEDA group also said the growth in some parts due to the lockdown was not unconnected with the poor conditions, the lack of opportunities and the absence of any legal economic safety nets.

 “A social security and health insurance law will guarantee hope for Nigerians, minimize public aggression, crime and deviant behavior that we see on Nigerian streets today, largely induced by poverty,” Suraju said.

The group said the best way to cause automatic government interest is to develop the public health institutions and for the President to ban the political office holders fro going abroad for any medical treatment.

“We need a radical approach judging from the experience learnt due to COVID-19.

 “President Buhari should issue an executive order banning all public officers from seeking medical test and treatment abroad, with a moratorium of one year for the uplifting of our health facilities and transfer of their medical records to Nigeria,” the group said.

The former member of the Nigerian Senate Senator Ben Murray- Bruce says he has missed and can’t wait to return back to Nigeria after COVID-19 ravages the world.



Joe Biden Sworn in as 46th U.S President



Joe Biden Sworn in As 46th US President

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th United States president as Harris becomes the Vice President.

She is America’s first female and first black Asian-American person to hold the office.

Biden took his oath of office on Wednesday at the capitol in Washington D.C.

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Chief Justice, John Roberts junior, administered the pledge at exactly 11:48am eastern time.

In his Inaugural address, Mr. Biden said it was a day of “history and hope”.

“my whole soul is in putting America back together again”.

Outgoing President, Donald Trump, did not attend the ceremony.

Meanwhile, former presidents, Bill Clinton, George Bush junior, Barack Obama and their wives were in attendance.

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Turkish Court Sentences Kurdish Former Member of Parliament to Jail



Turkish court sentences Kurdish former MP to 22 years in jail

A Turkish court has sentenced Kurdish former lawmaker, Leyla Guven to more than 22 years in jail on terror-related charges.

Leyla Guven, who was stripped of her parliamentary immunity in June, was convicted of membership of a “terror group” and disseminating “terror propaganda” for outlawed Kurdish armed groups.

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On Monday, Guven was given 14 years and three months in jail on a charge of membership of a “terrorist organization” and an additional eight years for two separate charges of disseminating “terrorist propaganda”.

Guven was not present at the court hearing in the predominantly Kurdish southeastern city of Diyarbakir, and her whereabouts were not immediately clear.

The court however, ordered Guven’s immediate arrest.

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Burundi’s Former President Pierre Buyoya, Dies at 71.



Pierre-Buyoya Burundi

Burundi’s Former President Pierre Buyoya, has died at age 71.

Buyoya served as President twice, from 1987-1993 and then 1996-2003.

His death comes three weeks after his resignation from the position of the high representative of the African Union for Mali and the Sahel region.

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Announcing his resignation, Buyoya said he needed time to focus on legal battles back home, following his trial in absentia and sentencing to life in prison.

Burundi’s top court sentenced Buyoya to life imprisonment in late October 2020, for alleged assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye who had won the 1993 elections.

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