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Customs Corner

FOU ‘C’ Customs Intercepts Goods Worth Over 722 Million in Seven Weeks



Author: Gift Wada.

Comptroller Michael Ugbagu of the Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘C’ Owerri, on Tuesday, 11 June 2024, said the unit had intercepted items with a Duty Paid Value of N722,947,200.0 within seven weeks of his assumption of duty.

He stated this at the maiden press briefing
held at Owerri, the headquarters of Federal Operations Unit, Zone ‘C’ while highlighting the recent strides made by the Unit in its anti-smuggling operations.

Compt. Ugbagu, who resumed on 19 April 2024, highlighted the critical objectives set forth by the Customs management: the blockage of revenue leakages, trade facilitation, and the intensification of anti-smuggling operations across seaports, land borders, and airports within the South/South-South/East zone. These directives, he noted, have already yielded substantial results.

“In just seven weeks, we have intercepted various contrabands with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N722,947,200.00,” Ugbagu stated.

He also reported the recovery of N22,131,274.00 from Demand Notices issued due to identified infractions, bringing the cumulative total to N745,078,474.00 for the period under review.

The seizures included a diverse array of contraband goods: 21 cartons of unregistered medicaments such as Rohypnol Flunitrazepam, 325 jumbo bales of second-hand clothing, 49 parcels of cannabis sativa, 42 used pneumatic tyres, and 13 logs of unprocessed wood.

He said the items were intercepted at various points. Ugbagu attributed these successful operations to credible intelligence and diligent surveillance by his team. He also stated that seven suspects were apprehended in connection with these seizures.

Ugbagu underscored the Nigeria Customs Service’s commitment to enforcing laws governing the importation and exportation of goods, directly contributing to Nigeria’s economy, security, and overall well-being.

Addressing the public, Comptroller Ugbagu called for cooperation with Customs officers, especially during the forthcoming Sallah celebrations. He urged citizens to comply with searches and treat field officers with respect, assuring that officers would perform their duties professionally and humanely.

Ugbagu commended the leadership of the Comptroller-General of Customs, Adewale Adeniyi, and the entire management team for their support and recognition of hard work and dedication within the service. He also commended his colleagues in the Customs Intelligence Unit and Customs Police for their resilience and prompt intelligence sharing.

He urged the media and the public to support the fight against smuggling, stressing that collective effort is crucial to overcoming this challenge.

He also issued a stern warning to economic saboteurs planning to exploit the festive period for illegal activities, promising that new tactical strategies are in place to thwart such attempts.

“The fight against smuggling can only be won if all hands are on deck,” Ugbagu stated.

Customs Corner

Customs Ogun II Area Command Generates N12.8 Billion in 6 Months



Customs Ogun II Area Command Generates N12.8 Billion in 6 Months

By Abass Quadri

The Nigeria Customs Service, Ogun II Area Command, says it has generated the sum of N12,830,493,630.06 in the 1st half of the year, January to June 2024.

In a press briefing held at the Command on Friday, 5 July 2024, the Customs Area Controller (CAC) Comptroller Bisi Alade explained that the revenue generated represents a 51 percent increase when compared to N8,505,038,818.30 generated in the corresponding period last year.

According to him, “The attainment is evidence of the diligence, professionalism and commitment of our officers and men who worked tirelessly to ensure that we met and exceeded the revenue target given to our command.

“It is also indicative of our steadfast commitment to the growth of our national economy.” The CAC noted.

Speaking on the improved activities in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ), the CAC stated that N3,486,961,186.71, N2,801,833,739.40 and N3,663,776,499.07 were collected in April, May, and June respectively.

He assured of his commitment to ensuring continuous stakeholder engagement and adopting necessary measures to improve revenue collections while upholding the discharge of their statutory responsibilities of enforcing compliance with government fiscal policies.

Comptroller Alade noted that the continuous deployment of intelligence and surveillance by the Command’s monitoring unit has led to the discovery of some factories now under different registration stages for excise control.

“They include Sygen Pharmaceutical Limited, Sprout and Kingsberg Nigeria Limited, Adesouthern Nigeria Limited, Abraham & Sarah Beverages Nigeria Limited, Oyinloye Honey Double Crown, Oluyemi Akintan Nigeria Enterprises, Lorna Nigeria Limited, Makindez Multi-business Ventures, DSigo Herbal Remedy Limited, Broadway Food & Beverages Limited, Beezun Flavoured Drinks, and Nellyvan Global Limited (Bonded terminal),” the CAC stated.

He solicited the cooperation of various factories on timely payment of their appropriate Excise Duty, among other notable charges, adding that the Command remains faithful in its commitment to fulfilling its mandate under the Nigeria Customs Service Act (NCS Act 2023).

The CAC appreciated the Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) Adewale Adeniyi’s visionary leadership and enabling support, which has yielded spectacular results.

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Customs Corner

Customs CG Performs Groundbreaking Ceremony of 30-Bed Ultra-modern Reference Hospital in Bauchi



Customs CG Performs Groundbreaking Ceremony of 30-Bed Ultra-modern Reference Hospital in Bauchi

By Folusho Adeogun and Abra Iruoghene

The Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Adewale Adeniyi, on Monday, 8 July 2024, performs a groundbreaking ceremony for a 30-bed ultra-modern reference hospital donated by Abdul Samad Rabiu (ASR) Initiative for Africa in Bauchi.

Speaking at the event, CGC Adewale Adeniyi expressed profound gratitude to the ASR Initiative for their generous contribution, emphasising the project’s significance in enhancing the welfare of customs officers and the local community. “We are happy to be a recipient of this great project. It will immensely help our officers and the entire community,” he stated.

Dr. Ubong Udoh, CEO of the ASR Initiative for Africa, extended his appreciation to CGC Adeniyi for honouring his commitment by attending the ceremony. He highlighted the enduring nature of the partnership between the ASR Initiative and the NCS, noting the limitless potential of their collaborative efforts. “I believe the potential of what we can achieve as partners is limitless,” Dr. Udoh remarked.

Hon. Tanko Dutse, representing the local community, thanked the CGC for supporting the NCS office in Bauchi. He acknowledged the office’s positive impact on security and other local issues. “The community and state at large appreciate the presence of the NCS. This hospital will allow our people who lack the means to access other medical facilities to receive necessary healthcare. We appeal for more of such Corporate Social Responsibilities,” he said.

Architect Muktar Aliyu, the project manager, assured attendees of the hospital’s potential to revolutionise healthcare services in the area. “This 30-bed ultra-modern hospital is a commitment to healthcare and the community’s future. Together, we can build a legacy of resilience and quality healthcare,” he stated.

The groundbreaking ceremony marks a significant milestone in the NCS’s efforts to enhance the welfare of its personnel and contribute to the community’s well-being, reflecting the strong partnership between the Nigeria Customs Service and the ASR Initiative for Africa.

In a separate engagement, the CGC addressed the officers and men serving in Zone D Headquarters, Bauchi/Gombe Area Command and Federal Operations Unit Zone D, “I am here to encourage you to do more by effectively discharging the statutory functions of NCS in this Zone. Make sure you utilise the opportunity at your disposal to improve yourselves intellectually in preparation for future challenges. “

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TMP Presents Equipments to CGC Adeniyi, Strengthens Collaboration



Author: Abra Iruoghene.

The Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Adewale Adeniyi, received a customised generator and a bus on behalf of the Service from the Chairman of the Trade Modernization Project (TMP), Saleh Ahmadu, on 5 July 2024, at the Project Management Office domiciled at the
Nigeria Customs Service Management Quarters in Abuja.

CGC Adeniyi expressed appreciation to TMP for the equipment presented to the Service. He said, “On behalf of all officers and men, I appreciate this gesture that TMP has done for us through the presentation of the 250KVA generator and the 13-seater 2024 Toyota Hiace bus.”

Adeniyi disclosed that the Service is aware of TMP’s efforts in providing tools and equipment needed to drive the modernisation program. He said, “We know that computers alone will not work by themselves; they will not effect the desired modernisation that we need.”

He added, “It will require human input, and the working environment of these elements is very important as well as those tools. So, we therefore appreciate these efforts you put in place to help us enhance the working environment and also improve the welfare of these officers.”

Furthermore, he applauded the Trade Modernization Project for being a worthy and dependable partner in their modernisation drive. He noted that the equipment delivered would be put to good use to bring added value to NCS operations.

Additionally, Adeniyi encouraged the officers, from the rank of Assistant Comptroller and Deputy Comptroller, undergoing special training by the TMP in preparation for the management duties of the Service, to be attentive and acquire the necessary knowledge to discharge their responsibilities and take up the task ahead of them professionally.

Mr Saleh Ahmadu, the Chairman of the Trade Modernization Project (TMP), who handed over the equipment, said the bus was for the effective movement of personnel between the headquarters and the TMP office, while the generator was for constant power supply to the management quarters of the NCS. He acknowledged the CG for his continuous support and collaboration.

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