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Fake News And Information Management in Nigeria.



information management in nigeria

Fake News And Information Management in Nigeria.

The Nigerian news space is compromised and saturated with so much fake news and misinformation that is pertinent to speak out about information management in Nigeria and how it affects us as a people.

Ordinarily, the major sources of breaking news are through the print and electronic media, to which many citizens are often glued to so as to be in the know of events and current happenings in the country and around the world.

However, the print media can no longer be tenable nor trustworthy because lately, most news items have turned out to be fake news, half-truth, innuendo, all of which confuse the listeners more than enlightening them.


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Misinformation Is A Huge Pain In Any Society’s Butt.

A misinformed society is a deprived and vulnerable society. For any reason at all, it is detrimental to the peace and development of a country. It will be surprising to know that many religious, ethnic wars in the country could have been avoided were it not for the scourge of fake news and misinformation.

Therefore members of the general public are thus beseeched to always verify their news and make sure the source of information is not fake but rather a verifiable and authentic source.

Yellow Journalism.

Yellow journalism can simply be explained in layman’s terms to mean the deliberate mischievous acts of a journalist to twist the truth or employ deceits and half-truth in his or her writing with the sole aim of causing havoc to a perceived enemy, a political party or to disparage even a sitting government.

In sane climes, yellow journalism is a big crime which attracts a stiff penalty, however, many yellow journalists in Nigeria have gone unchecked and have ended up confusing members of the public.

It is advised that journalists be wary of what they share with their readers so as not to be culpable of yellow journalism and ultimately getting involved in the breach of peace and order.

In sane climes, Yellow Journalism is a big crime.

The advent of Social Media.

The internet, albeit the social media has given a massive boost to fake news and misinformation. This is made possible by the existence of very many websites which can’t be authenticated and the reason for the hoisting of such websites is fraudulent and questionable.

Thus it is very common to read a news item, say on Facebook, and the news item turns out to be a hoax, a fluke or mere conjectures of the writer. This happens every time for its sole and apparent purpose is to sow a seed of discord and confuse the reading populace. Nigeria as a country has been the most hit by these irresponsible internet news and broadcasts.

Let Peace Reign.

Conclusively, let us be aware that ignorance is a sin and not an excuse. Hence, if you must share any newsworthy item be sure it is the truth, or you’re quoting a verifiable trustworthy source. Nigerian security agencies are now more awake and alert to their duties, one of which is tracking all fake news and misinformation sources and outlets.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, thus if one must share news items, let us make sure it is truthful and capable of strengthening our nationhood. Information management in Nigeria needs to be handled with more care.

God bless Nigeria.

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Money Based Politics - the Main Cause of Corruption in Nigeria - Sultan Reveals

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Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, said on Saturday, identified money based politics as a major factor responsible for unprecedented corruption and bad governance in Nigeria.

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Money Based Politics - the Main Cause of Corruption in Nigeria - Sultan Reveals

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The theme of the convention was, “The Muslim Voice on Good Governance in Nigeria”, NPBS reports.

He regretted that the nation’s political culture had deteriorated and become increasingly mercantile, where money becomes everything, saying “we cannot allow full reins to money politics and expect corruption to go away.

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“This is partly responsible for bad governance that has characterised our polity, subverting our development, perpetrating poverty and eliciting the unending social conflicts.

“This money based politics will continue to fuel the unprecedented corruption we see in our society; as a result of these our pristine values as people have been supplanted and our future thrown into jeopardy.

“All leaders, political, spiritual and traditional need to come together to salvage our polity from dangers that the current political culture poses.

“The consequences of ignoring these standards are already showing and we must not wait until the bubbles busts,” Abubakar said.

The Sultan admonished leaders at all levels to take issues of leadership seriously, saying “we cannot ignore centuries old wisdom which places high premium on leadership and places criteria for shouldering responsibilities.”

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In My Opinion: Dear politicians, walk the (democratic) talk, or keep quiet – Buchi Obichie




In My Opinion

In My Opinion: Another Democracy Day was celebrated in the country on Tuesday, May 29, 2018; and as usual, politicians seized the occasion to bombard the airwaves and social media with messages espousing norms and ideals that the country should live up to.

At the same time, they used the occasion to highlight whatever achievements they think they have made, and also take subliminal shots at their opponents; turning the day into an occasion for self promotion – self promotion on overdrive, considering the fact that the 2019 elections are just around the corner. I tried to read through as many of them as I could; but I had to stop when it started to feel like I was going through campaign manifestos! Phew!

These politicians are a wonderful lot. Their ability to shamelessly tout ideals and accomplishments that often times only exist in the realm of their imaginations is truly the stuff of great comedy. They like to imagine that they are some sort of statesmen on this great democratic stage; when for the most part, most of them would not even recognize Democracy, even if it appeared to them in a brown envelope – a very popular staple in the field of Nigerian politics.

When the late great Abraham Lincoln used the occasion of his famous Gettysburg Address to extol those who fought and died in defense of democratic principles during the Civil War, he described the system of government as that which is “of the people, by the people, for the people,” and prayed that it would not perish from the earth.

However, going by what Lincoln saw democracy to be, I dare say that we cannot give our leaders over here a high grade in living up to its tenets. Is this so-called ‘Democracy in Nigeria‘ really of the people, by the people and for the people; or is this country’s system of government really an ‘Oligarchy’, where a few elites have held sway from time immemorial, to the detriment of the many?

It is hypocritical, and even quite ironical, that Nigerian politicians – many of whom came into office via undemocratic means, rubbishing the will of the people and scheming their way into power – would suddenly become vocal champions of democratic values, one day of the year! What do they know about the rule of law, when they themselves do not obey the rule of law; and employ extra-judicial measures to keep their opponents and others in check?

What do they know about the dividends of democracy when many Nigerians are not really allowed to participate in the democratic process on established platforms, because they do not have a certain standing in society, or are not backed up by ‘powerful forces’? Even when these people form their own platforms, they are not permitted to stand on equal footing as others, and are stifled out via rigging and intimidation. What do they know about credible processes – one of the tenets of democracy – when elections are not really free and fair?


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infectious diseases in your community. It is very important to wash your hand frequently with soap under running water.


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The #COVID19Nigeria situation report for 21st July, 2020 has been published. Our daily reports provide a summary of the epidemiological situation & response activities in Nigeria

@Africa CDC

The African Union and Africa CDC will virtually rollout the Partnership to Accelerate COVID-19 Testing (PACT) in Africa tomorrow 4 June, 2020 at 11.00 am Eastern Africa Time.

The African Union and Africa CDC will virtually rollout the Partnership to Accelerate COVID-19 Testing (PACT) in Africa tomorrow 4 June, 2020 at 11.00 am Eastern Africa Time.


Gallant Officer
"Also found worthy of honour was Bashir Abubakar, an Asst Comptroller-General of Customs, who rejected a bribe of $412,000 per container offered him by drug traffickers seeking to bring 40 containers of Tramadol into Nigeria. A fine example of incorruptibility, worthy of emulation"

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